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Chapter Policies

Chapter Policies

Policy:Financial Policy Guidance
Date Approved:9/2015
Written by: Mary Kaye Verbiar
Officers and Board Members
1. The Chapter Coordinator will automatically register Officers and Board Members for each event except Networking Events (events with no CPE credit) and GHALI.
2. The Officer or Board Member will be included in the Final Count for meals etc.
3. If an Officer or Board Member will not attend an event and HFMA is responsible for a per-attendee charge, the Officer/Board Member is responsible to let the Chapter Coordinator know that he/she will not be attending so the Final Count is not inflated.
4. Officers and Board Members are responsible for registration and any fees associated with Networking Events and GHALI.
Registration Fees
1. The following individuals may attend Program Meetings free of charge:
a. Speakers
b. Chairperson(s) of the meeting
c. Unemployed HFMA Members (paid membership within the last year preceding unemployment)
d. Student members through Student e-Membership
e. Chapter Life Members
f. All attendees of Road Shows
a. The following individuals may attend GHALI free of charge:
i. Speakers (on the date of presentation)
ii. Chairperson(s) of the event
b. Hotel fees are reimbursed for GHALI Chairperson(s)
3. Holiday Party
a. Registration fees are waived for Members (and guest) receiving an award
b. Chairperson(s) of the event
4. Volunteer Appreciation Event
a. Registration fees are waived for:
i. Speakers
ii. Chairperson(s) of the event
iii. Volunteers for the preceding year
Refund Policy
1. Refunds will be issued if cancellation is received by the Chapter Coordinator more than three business days before any event.
2. Refunds will be issued via the method of original payment.
3. Credit for future events will not be permitted.
4. Event advertising should refer to the Refund Policy and the specific date cancellations are requested by.
Non-Payment of Fees
1. If fees are not collected by the end of an event, the registered individual will be invoiced once via email.
2. If payment is not received within 5 business days, the amount due will be forwarded to the Treasurer for follow up.
3. If the registered individual attends the event but has not paid, he/she will not receive CPE credit until the invoice amount is paid.
1. The Chapter Coordinator will maintain record of meeting attendees to verify CPE earned for each Program.
2. Individual members are responsible for maintaining cumulative CPE records.
3. CPE will only be awarded if programs are attended and fees are paid in full.
1. The Chapter Coordinator will track a No-Show rate to assist Program Chairs in determining Final Counts.
2. Paid No-Shows will not be refunded as the request would not be within noted guidelines.
3. Unpaid No-Shows will be invoiced and referred to the Treasurer if payment is not received.

Policy:Cash Management
Date Approved:3/31/11
Written by: Mike Manfull

The purpose of this policy is to establish the procedures by which the chapter leadership can be sure that controls are in place protecting the cash assets. With limited possibilities for complete separation of duties, a review process is required. The Chapter Coordinator will receive payments for programming, sponsorships and other cash inflows. The Coordinator or a volunteer will receive and log program fees paid on a “walk-up” basis. This log should accompany the deposit made from funds received for the program. The Chapter Coordinator will process for deposit and post electronically, the cash received. The Chapter Treasurer will review and initial each deposit made for the chapter. The Chapter Treasurer will also review and initial the monthly bank reconciliations performed by the Chapter Coordinator. On a quarterly basis the Chapter Officers will review the chapter receivables.

Policy:Travel and Entertainment
Date Approved:3/31/11
Written by: Mike Manfull

The purpose of this policy is to establish the procedures by which the chapter leadership members can obtain reimbursement for expenses incurred while performing chapter business. These expenses should be turned in for reimbursement on a properly approved reimbursement form.

All travel should be made by air unless ground is found to be the lesser expenses of the modes of travel or is the more reasonable method of travel. The mileage rate to be used for reimbursement purposes as well as for the comparison of ground vs. air travel is to be the prevailing IRS published rate. When traveling by ground, route and mileage details must turned in by using one of the internet based detailed directions such as or

Meal expenses per day shall not exceed the amount currently allowed by the IRS and considered on a per person basis. This per diem amount can be found on the IRS web site. When requesting reimbursement for meal costs, detailed receipts must be included with the request. This detailed receipt should list the food and drinks purchased. If meals are purchased for more than one person, the persons involved in the purchase should be listed on the receipts.

Additional expenses such as parking, taxi, airfare and miscellaneous expenses should include detailed receipts.

Every effort should be made to find the lowest cost travel plans.

Policy:Program Fees for Unemployed Members
Date Approved:3/31/11
Written by: Mike Manfull

The purpose of this policy is to establish the procedures by which Northeast Ohio members who find themselves unemployed my still attend chapter programming. If a member in good standing is unemployed, he or she may attend chapter educational programming at no cost. It is the intention of the chapter leadership that these members be provided with employment networking opportunities with other members. The member should register for programming as all other members would, but should contact to the chapter coordinator to inform the chapter of their employment status. This exemption does not apply to the chapter annual institute.

Policy:Certification Scholarship Program
Date Approved:4/19/11
Written by: Keeth Stone

The Northeast Ohio Chapter (NEO) of the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) continues to encourage members to pursue and achieve certification as a Certified Healthcare Financial Professional (CHFP).

Many members who successfully pass the exam are eligible for reimbursement from their employers for some portion of the examination fee and/or on-line study material fee. To encourage and assist those members for whom employer reimbursement is not available, the Chapter offers a limited financial award program through the Chair of the Certification Committee.

Current CHFP Award Program
Effective June 1, 2011, the NEO HFMA Chapter Board has approved annual funding for a maximum of 5 awards of $200.00 each for successful completion of the CHFP exam. NEO HFMA members who have successfully completed the CHFP exam on or after June 1, 2011 and who will NOT be reimbursed by their employer for any portion of either the examination fee and/or the online study material fee are eligible to apply. Chapter awards will be issued to the first 5 approved applications.

Reimbursement Application Procedure
Upon successful completion of the CHFP exam, a member who will NOT be reimbursed by their employer for any portion of either the examination fee or the on-line study materials may complete and submit an NEO HFMA expense form in application for a financial award . A copy of the exam result e-mail notification and a release authorizing HFMA National to confirm that the member has passed the exam is required. Application for the award must be made within 8 weeks of receiving exam results. The funds allocated to members will be reviewed annually and is subject to change at the discretion of the Chapter board.





This document may be utilized to assist in the drafting of a Travel & Entertainment policy for HFMA chapter leaders incurring related business travel and entertainment expenses.


  1. To ensure that all HFMA volunteers have a clear and consistent understanding of expense reimbursement guidelines for chapter related travel and entertainment

  2. To provide reasonable cost travel and entertainment expense guidelines

  3. To provide prudent information to assist with travel and entertainment expense controls.


This travel guideline covers all HFMA chapter and regional leaders.


The HFMA volunteer is responsible for complying with the travel and entertainment expense guidelines. The approver is responsible for accurately reviewing expense reports for compliance. The chapter will reimburse HFMA volunteers for all reasonable and necessary expenses while traveling on authorized chapter business. The chapter assumes no obligation to reimburse volunteers for expenses that are not in compliance with this guideline.


It is recognized that for many volunteers, travel and entertainment expenses are incurred in order to further chapter mission objectives. HFMA volunteers are expected to be conservative in their spending, while chapter executive management is expected to be diligent in their review. Guidelines are necessary to meet federal tax expenditure guidelines and are intended to justify reimbursable expenses incurred by chapter volunteers. In general, the quality of travel accommodations, entertainment, and related expenses, should be governed by what is reasonable and appropriate to the chapter business purpose involved. Travel and entertainment expenses will generally only be reimbursed for expenses incurred on dates when HFMA business is conducted. Unless prior approval is provided by the chapter president, lodging, meals and entertainment expenses on days prior to or following the conclusion of HFMA business will be considered personal expenses not eligible for reimbursement.



Upgrades at the expense of the chapter are not permitted; however, upgrades are allowed at the chapter volunteer’s personal expense and are the sole responsibility of the traveler. Reimbursable expenses include:

  • Basic economy airfare

  • Baggage fees for one carry-on or checked bag, if applicable.

  • Seat selection fees (in basic economy cabin)

  • Travel insurance is not reimbursable

  • Airport parking is reimbursable at a rate of up to $15 per day


The chapter will not reimburse travel and entertainment expenses incurred by a spouse or other individual accompanying a volunteer on chapter business unless:

  1. There is a bona fide chapter business requirement associated with the spouse or other individual.

  2. Meals for spouses and companions will be reimbursed when in attendance with chapter delegation.

    Chapter volunteer will be reimbursed for excess baggage charges for the following circumstances:

  3. When traveling with heavy or bulky materials or equipment necessary for chapter business

  4. The excess baggage consists of chapter records or property


    Should an airline delay necessitate an overnight stay, the volunteer should first attempt to secure complimentary lodging from the airline. (Unforeseen expenses of this nature will be reimbursed with the appropriate approval)


    When a trip is cancelled after the ticket has been issued, the traveler should inquire about applying the unused ticket for future travel. If the trip is cancelled for personal reasons, the chapter should be reimbursed for any prepaid travel arrangements.


    Unused airline tickets or flight coupons should not be discarded or destroyed as these documents may be used for future travel or have a cash value.

    To expedite refunds, unused or partially used, airline tickets must be immediately returned.

    A non-refundable ticket that is returned for future use should be noted on the traveler’s expense report as an open item which can be applied towards future chapter business travel.


    Travelers should rent a car at their destination based on their ground travel requirements and only when it is less expensive than other transportation modes such as ride sharing (Uber/Lyft), taxis, airport limousines, or airport shuttles. Car rentals will be reimbursed for standard-size cars.

    Chapter volunteers should decline the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) coverage. HFMA’s chapter insurance policy covers these items for each volunteer.

    Every reasonable effort must be made to return the rental car:

  5. To the original rental city unless approved for a one-way rental

  6. Intact (i.e. no bumps or scratches)

  7. On time, to avoid additional hourly charges

  8. With a full tank of gas


    The sensible mode of transportation should be used to and from airports, bus and rail terminals when the volunteer. The following modes of transportation should be considered:

  9. Buses, subways, taxis

  10. Hotel and airport shuttle services

  11. Personal car

    Reasonable tips paid in transit and on arrival and departure from hotels are chargeable to the HFMA chapter.


    Chapter volunteers using personal cars on chapter business will be reimbursed at 58 cents per mile for 2019. To be reimbursed for use of their personal car for chapter business, travelers must provide on their expense report:

  12. Purpose of the trip

  13. Date and location

  14. Receipts for tolls and parking as applicable

  15. Mileage



Chapter volunteers will be reimbursed for the cost of single room lodging typically occupied by business travelers. The minimum corporate rate or the lowest rack rate should be requested when available. Suites and other higher priced lodgings will not be reimbursed. Lodging expenses will only be reimbursed for nights following participation in HFMA activities. Prior approval of the chapter president is required if travel is necessary the day before or after an HFMA event, which would require an extra night of lodging.


When traveling to HFMA chapter sponsored educational conferences and seminars, hotel housing is to be documented and reimbursed through the T & E Report submission process.


Chapter leaders are responsible for canceling hotel reservations and must immediately contact the hotel directly within their specified guidelines.

Chapter leaders will be held responsible and will not be reimbursed for “no-show” charges unless there is sufficient proof that the expense was incurred due to circumstance beyond their control.

Chapter leaders should note that cancellation deadlines are based on the local time of the hotel property.


Original hotel folio (total bill of hotel charges documenting room rate, meals, internet and phone, etc.) must be attached to the expense report. Charges other than the actual room cost should be itemized in the appropriate section.



Personal meals are identified as meal expenses incurred by the traveler when dining alone on a chapter business trip. Business meals are taken with chapter clients, prospects, or volunteers during which a related chapter objective takes place. Meals will be reimbursed according to actual / reasonable cost. Such expenses are reimbursable only if they are directly related to the active conduct of chapter business or are associated with the chapter’s business when directly preceding or following a business discussion or are necessary to accomplish the chapter business initiatives.


The chapter will reimburse volunteers for meal expenses actually incurred providing such expenses are reasonable, appropriate, and supported by a receipt.


Business meals include meals and refreshments provided for chapter volunteers and others, including related tips.

Meals may also be purchased for volunteers of the chapter in certain business circumstances. Where this practice is employed, the bill is paid by the most senior member of chapter management present. Whenever feasible, meals and entertainment expenses must be paid using a charge card.

Tips included on meal receipts will be reimbursed. Any tips considered excessive will not be reimbursed. As a rule, volunteers should not tip more than they would on a personal trip.


Entertainment expenses include events such as theater, sporting events, etc. whereby a business discussion takes place during, immediately before, or immediately after the event.

Travelers will be reimbursed for entertaining customers:

  1. If the person entertained has a potential or actual business relationship with the chapter.

  2. If the expenditure directly precedes, includes or follows a chapter business discussion that would benefit HFMA

    The following chapter business expenses are reimbursable only when approved in advance:

  3. Concert and theater tickets

  4. Sporting and educational event tickets

  5. Golf fees

  6. Transportation to and from the event

  7. Meals and beverages consumed at the event


    An original receipt must be submitted for any item included on a chapter expense report.

    In addition, for chapter business meal and entertainment expenses, the following documentation is required by the IRS, and must be recorded on the expense report:

  8. Names of individuals present, their titles and organization name

  9. Name and location of where the meal or event took place

  10. Exact amount and date of the expense

  11. Specific chapter business topic discussed

  12. In the case of entertainment events, the specific time the business discussion took place (i.e. before, during or after the event)



Volunteer expense reports filed on a timely basis with duly itemized and substantiated expenses, and in compliance with other requirements established in this chapter guideline are to be reimbursed in a timely basis.

Expense reimbursement requests must be legible, must provide appropriate documentation and be completed as to the explanations of the specific chapter business purpose of any entertainment or business development expense.

Expense reports not properly completed and approved by the chapter treasurer / president will be returned unprocessed to volunteer.


In all cases, “one over one” approval is required prior to reimbursement of these expenses. In order to maintain appropriate “one over one” approval, the senior volunteer present should always incur any joint expenses.


The following receipts are acceptable:

  1. Original receipt completed by the vendor

  2. Volunteer’s detailed copy of credit card receipt

  3. Charge card billing statement

  4. Restaurant tear tabs are not acceptable receipts


  5. Air freight for business purposes

  6. Business office expenses (fax, copy services, etc.)

  7. Food and beverages (snacks)

  8. Gasoline receipted expenditures (car rental only)

  9. Overnight delivery and postage

  10. Parking and tolls


  11. Corporate Card “rewards” membership fees

  12. Annual fees for personal charge or credit cards

  13. Expenses related to vacation or personal days while on business trip

  14. Golf fees (when not related to chapter business entertainment)

  15. Movies (including in-flight and hotel in-house movies)

  16. Non-compulsory insurance coverage

  17. Parking or traffic tickets and fines

  18. Personal accident insurance

  19. Personal entertainment, including sporting events

  20. Personal property insurance

  21. Souvenirs and personal gifts




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