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2010 Issue 3

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Our Corporate Sponsors

We gratefully acknowledge the commitment of our Corporate Sponsors who assist in the funding of the Chapter's programs and activities

President's Club
Ernst & Young, LLP
FirstCredit, Inc.(FCI)/RevCare
Human Arc Corp.
Howard, Wershbale & Co.

Platinum Club
Alta Partners LLC
Joseph R Harrison Co., LPA
JP Recovery Services
McGladrey, Inc.
Plante & Moran
Total Practice Management, LLC

Gold Club

CBE Group
Squire, Sanders & Dempsey LLP

Silver Club
The ROI Companies

Bronze Club
Bruner Cox, LLP
Calfee, Halter & Griswold LLP
Emrhein & Associates
HMC Group
KeyBanc Capital Markets
MediQuant, Inc.
Quadax, Inc.
UCB, Inc.
Wise Management Services Inc.

HFMA Northeast Ohio
Chapter Officers

Michael J. Manfull

Susan R. Flaherty, CPA

Vice President
Diane Lilko, CPA

Chapter Secretary/Treasurer
Geoffrey A. Himes, FHFMA, MBA

Anna Sulewski, CPA

Chapter Coordinator
Kathleen A. Much

Board of Directors
Charles R. Alderson
Carl S. Ebner, CPA
Daniel Hardwick
Holly M. Pelaia
Theodore E. Reddy
Suzanne M. Tschetter, CPA

Visit HFMA National at:

Visit HFMA Northeast Ohio at:

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President’s Message

Mike ManfulDear Fellow HFMA members,

Thank you! We say it every day, either in the spoken word or even typed at the end of an email. We actually say it often enough that at times it can lose its meaning. Chocolate cake is how my wife refers to it. If you eat enough chocolate cake, you soon take it for granted and it is no longer special. I do not want this to be one of those cases. So it is with sincerity that I say to you, the membership, thank you! We recently received our membership survey results. You responded and have shown that 64% of the membership is overall highly satisfied with the chapter. The scoring this year is up from 52.8% in 2010 and slightly greater than the national HFMA total of 62%.

We are very pleased to serve the membership. The board and the committee members and chairs work hard to bring quality programs to the membership. This was something that I had taken for granted prior to becoming involved with the chapter leadership. I can testify from first-hand experience that there are many people working hard to make our programs and events as great as possible all the while still completing the work at their employers for which they actually get paid.

I would also like to mention that the survey has given us good feedback as to where we can continue to improve. I’m pleased with the scores mentioned above, but would like to see them continue to climb in future years. To do this we, as the chapter leadership, must address the areas where we have lower scores. We have received good information concerning the programming you would like to see offered and have also received many comments. These comments vary from the very positive to negative in some instances. We appreciate all the comments and will be discussing them in future board meetings. The survey is something that we have taken seriously in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

It would be wrong for me to not mention chapter involvement. We are always looking for members to help with the chapter operations. These include duties as simple as volunteering to staff the registration table at an educational event to working as a committee chair. You can contact any of the chapter leadership. You can find that contact information on the web site. Please visit our web site at It has recently been overhauled and will continue with improvements in the future.

Once again, my sincerest thank you!

Mike Manfull
Northeast Ohio Chapter, HFMA

New Members Spotlight - Welcome to NEOHFMA!

A closer look at some of the newest members to the Northeast Ohio Chapter of HFMA.

Steve Snyder
Affinity Medical Center

Getting to Know You Questions:
What is the biggest challenge you face in your position?
Balancing all the data requests along with the normal duties with a reduced staff.

Why did you decide to get involved in HFMA?
I have worked with many HFMA members and would like to increase my healthcare knowledge and become HFMA certified.

What activities do you enjoy outside of work?
Football, cars, and history.

What is your favorite sports team?
The Phoenix Suns

Where did you go to college?
Arizona State University

New Members - Welcome to NEOHFMA!

Please welcome our newest members to the Northeast Ohio Chapter of HFMA. Look for them at our next meeting and welcome them to our organization.

Steve L Snyder
Affinity Medical Center

David H Northern
Ryerson Healthcare Consultants

Andrew McNally

David A Kantor
Kantor Consulting Group

Brian W Gillette
The MetroHealth System

David Woskobnick

Sara M Bing
Plante & Moran

Brendan A Pishnery
Plante & Moran

Mark Latcheran
Mercy Medical Center

Sarah M Lee
Ernst & Young, LLP

Ashish Masih

Julie Minnie
Akron Children's Hospital

A Piatak
The MetroHealth Medical Center

Maria Solema
Windsor-Laurelwood Hospital

Robin Stough
Windsor-Laurelwood Hospital

Christina Haggerty
Summa Health System

Judith Jirka
MetroHealth Medical Center

Jennifer Spencer

Mary Ann Olschlager

Michael V Keckan
South Pointe Hospital

Connie Shirk, CPA
Howard, Wershbale & Co.

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Welcome Back!

HFMA Members that have reinstated their Membership

Norene H. Henderson
The MetroHealth System

George M. Yanich
Ernst & Young LLP

Bobbi L. Jones

George S Woloszyn
Robert Half International

David R. Lang, CPA
SHC/The ARC of Medina

John J. Brocketti
Cuyahoga Falls General Hospital

William P. Hanlon

Phyllis A. Cleary
The MetroHealth Medical Center

Steven J. Ittel
Comprehensive Reimbursement Inc.

Cynthia A. Moore-Hardy
Lake Health

David A Tien
Menorah Park Center For Senior Living

Stephen J. Loes
Steris Corporation

Renee Arcuri
Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Susan M. Simoson
Adena Health System

Lisa Y. Knowles-Ward
Forum Health

Jeffrey C Lubbe
University Hospitals Health System

Virtual Healthcare Conference (On-Demand)

It’s not too late to reap the benefits of the Virtual Healthcare Conference. Furthermore, NEO HFMA will make four lucky participants winners of a $50 gift card. The contest will run until February 28, 2011. To be eligible members must have attended all 8 hours live December 1st and 2nd, or on-demand. National HFMA will track the attendance and after they provide the final counts, we will pull Four (4) member names and each will be awarded a $50 gift card.

The second HFMA Virtual Healthcare Finance Conference offers an outstanding educational curriculum and up to 8 CPE credits—all from the convenience of your home or office. Review the full 2-day curriculum. Non-member registration is $148, including a special membership offer.

Keynote Sessions

  • Day 1: Richard Clarke, DHA, FHFMA, HFMA President & CEO, presents ACO Update: An Overview of Regulatory Issues and Operational Competencies. Accountable care organizations (ACOs), a key part of healthcare reform, are viewed by many healthcare experts and policy makers as a way to improve the quality and efficiency of health care. Organizations that are contemplating forming an ACO need a clear understanding of the regulatory environment. Additionally, they need to assess their capabilities to determine if they have the pieces in place to execute an ACO strategy. This session will help you:

    • Address the ACO regulatory landscape

    • Identify challenges to ACO formation
  • Day 2: Debora Kuchka-Craig, FHFMA, HFMA Chair, Corporate Vice President of Managed Care, MedStar Health, Inc., presents Navigating Constant Change. Health care has always been a turbulent and ever-changing environment. That is especially true today! Executives need to stay abreast of change in order to lead the strategies for their organization’s financial viability. This session provides an overview of trends impacting hospitals and discusses what CFOs from around the country are doing to prepare. This session will help you:

    • Interpret trends and events in health care that impact hospital financial performance

    • Leverage strategies providers are using to respond to marketplace changes

    • determine the keys to successfully executing selected strategies

Other Education Sessions At-A-Glance

  • Rick Gundling, Vice President of Healthcare Finance Practices, and Chad Mulvany, Technical Director, HFMA, present Building a Framework for Successful Physician Integration

  • Lee B. Sacks, MD, Executive Vice President, Chief Medical Officer, Advocate Health Care/President, Advocate Physican Partners, presents Clinical Integration: How to Align Physicians to Drive Outcomes

  • Joe Fifer, FHFMA, CPA, Vice President, Spectrum Health, Vice President, Finance, Hospital Group, Spectrum Health, presents PROMETHEUS: A Private Sector Bundled Payment Case Study

  • Suzanne Lestina, CHFP, CPC, Director of Revenue Cycle, MAP, HFMA, presents Improving Revenue Cycle Performance with HFMA MAP Keys

  • Jane A. Berkebile, 2010 MAP Award Winner, Vice President of Revenue Cycle, OhioHealth, presents Revenue Cycle Best Practice Case Study

  • Todd Nelson, Technical Director, HFMA, presents The Intersection of Quality, Cost, and Reimbursement

To find out more about our online Education Hall and Exhibit Hall or to complete your registration, visit or call (800) 252-4362, ext. 2.

Program Recaps

HW&Co. Ethics Seminar Summary

In November, Howard, Wershbale & Co. (HW&Co.) hosted an Ethics seminar for CPAs. The Ethics seminar is a program to fulfill the Accountancy Board of Ohio’s (ABO) requirement of three (3) continuing professional education (CPE) credits in Professional Standards and Responsibilities for Accounting Professionals, which focuses on understanding ethical shifts in behavior and culture.

CPAs holding a practicing license with the ABO must complete the Ethics requirement, which is part of the 120 CPE hours that CPAs with a practicing license must obtain every three years.

The seminars were presented by Jerry L. Esselstein, CPA. Jerry is a Principal of Jerry L. Esselstein Company, LLC in Columbus, as well as a national CPE instructor and two-time recipient of The Ohio Society of CPAs CPE Outstanding Discussion Leader Award. The seminars focused on the following:

  • Ohio Accountancy Law and Board Rules
  • CPE requirements in Ohio
  • Changes in ethical behavior and cultural expectations
  • Elements of fraud and the fraud triangle
  • Ethical considerations in leadership and corporate governance

Jerry concluded the seminars by focusing on how each of the above items impacts us as individuals and as professionals.

HW&Co. offers these seminars once every three years to fulfill the ABO’s Ethics requirement for CPAs.

Annual NEO HFMA Reimbursement Update Recap

by Diane Lilko

On October 21, 2010 our chapter members met at Corporate College East to obtain timely and beneficial information on reimbursement by three proficient presenters. We had five new members in attendance: Michelle Earich, Diane Murray, Scott Pollack, Kevin Spittler, and Michael Stuewe.

Sheldon Pratt of Human Arc started out the morning discussing Disproportionate Share under Healthcare Reform. He explained the basics of Medicare payment methodology, base rate and add-ons and the DSH formula. Sheldon then summarized the passing of healthcare reform legislation, referred to as Affordable Care Act and the implications on DSH for the next several years. He ended his presentation with useful information hospitals can use to ensure continued DSH payments.

Using Work Relative Value Unit (WRVU) is a great way to encourage physicians in a discussion about the health and productivity of their practice. This was the focus of our second presenter, Stan Kasmarcak of Alta Partners, LLC. WRVU’s can be used as a tool to manage Physician Practices, develop budgets and complete pro-forma analysis. They provide a common basis, are easily obtainable on the internet and are updated annually by CMS.
Stan went on to explain how WRVU’s are calculated and how reimbursement varies across the country.

The program wrapped up with Scott Houk of Cleverley + Associates identifying ten actionable strategies for enhancing Medicare profitability without sacrificing quality or ethical standards. Other highlights were inpatient and outpatient US averages and understanding the key drivers for improved Medicare profitability.

As in HFMA fashion, attendees were treated to a great lunch and time to network with fellow members.

Holiday Party and Awards Dinner

Triv's fine dining Italian restaurant was the venue for the 2010 Holiday Party. Two senior past presidents, Don Paulson and Bill Emrhein, presented awards to the recipients. Don gave a short and convincing story of how HFMA helped move his career forward. Local legend, Steve Yochum, provided live entertainment. Excellent food, fun and networking were had by all.

The Healthcare Financial Management Association recognizes that its strength lies in volunteers, who contribute their time, ideas, and energy to serve the healthcare industry, their profession and one another. Active participation in HFMA at the national, regional and/or chapter levels provides members with numerous opportunities for professional development, information, networking, and advocacy. Established in 1960, the Founders Merit Award Series acknowledges the contributions made by HFMA members. These awards are part of a merit-rating plan in which specific activities are assigned a range of point values.

The William G. Follmer Bronze Award is awarded after an individual has earned 25 member points. The award is named after William G. Follmer, who is credited with the creation of the American Association of Hospital Accountants (AAHA) (now HFMA).

The Robert H. Reeves Silver Award is awarded to an individual who has earned 50 total member points. Reeves, an organizing member of the AAHA, was elected president of AAHA in 1956 and was instrumental in creating the structure of AAHA.

The Frederick T. Muncie Gold Award is presented to a member who has earned a total of 75 member points. This award honors Frederick T. Muncie, an organizing member of the AAHA, and the first president of the association (1947-1949). Muncie also assisted in the organization of the first AAHA chapter (First Illinois).

The Founders Medal of Honor was added in 1986 and is conferred by nomination of the Chapter Board of Directors. This prestigious award recognizes an individual who has been actively involved in HFMA for at least three years after earning the Muncie Gold Award, has provided significant service at the chapter, regional and/or national level in at least two those years, and remains a member in good standing. A chapter may nominate members for this award at any time during the year.

2010 NEO HFMA Award Winners:


Brian L. Palmer, Cleveland Clinic
Charles R. Alderson, Summa Health System
Claudio Zanin, Parma Community General Hospital
Daniel Hardwick, RBC, Inc.


John P. Beirne, JP Recovery Services Inc.
Maureen F. Campbell, Cleveland Clinic


Susan R. Flaherty, CPA, Ernst & Young, LLP
Anna Sulewski, CPA, Cleveland Clinic

Medal of Honor:

Christopher Milligan, Human Arc

Click here to view event photos

Save the Date

Keep an eye out for more information on these upcoming programs:

Patient Financial Services (Full Day Format)
Program Date: February 18, 2011 Program Location: Akron General Wellness Center, Akron, OH (Montrose)

Back by Popular Demand: Healthcare 201
Program Date: March 18, 2011 Program Location: Shula’s at the DoubleTree, Independence, OH

Gerry Haggerty Annual Leadership Institute (GHALI)
Program Date: May 18-20, 2011 Program Location: Glenmoor Country Club, Canton, OH

Register Now for HFMA’s 2011 ANI:
The Healthcare Finance Conference

Join us in Orlando, Florida June 26-29, 2011 for a powerful line-up of best-practice sessions led by industry leaders and covering important topics such as Reform, Value, Clinical Transformation, Accountable Care, and Revenue Cycle. In addition, multiple networking opportunities and 27.5 CPEs ensure a valuable experience. Learn more and register – early-bird pricing now available.


Kudos to Michael Szubski, Chief Financial Officer of University Hospitals, on being appointed to the Board of Trustees of the Ohio Hospital Association for a 3 year term (2011-2013).

Congratulations to Becky Brugler on joining Crowe Horwath, LLP, as a manager in their performance business unit in the Cleveland office, specializing in healthcare. Becky has over 27 years of Healthcare Reimbursement experience, including working for the local Medicare fiscal intermediary, several large healthcare systems, and most recently, with two Big 4 consulting firms. Becky is a Certified Healthcare Financial Professional with HFMA.

Kudos to Stephanie Smith of Howard, Wershbale & Co. on being promoted to Business Development Manager.

Congratulations to Michael Manfull on accepting the position of Institute Finance Director at the Cleveland Clinic.

Kudos to JP Recovery Services, Inc. The long time member of our HFMA chapter, and a Platinum Corporate Sponsor, has undergone a major expansion of operations at their Rocky River office location. With the addition of 9,000 sq. ft. in December, the center has increased in size by almost 50%. John Beirne, company President, recently commented: "In response to the growth of our healthcare receivable recovery business, and to better position JPRS for future new client opportunities, we have made a strong commitment to our clients, our staff and our local community by making the investment necessary to meet today's and tomorrow's business demands with a quality service level."

Congratulations to Laurie Rauser of Kaiser Permanente on being promoted to Senior Manager. She will be supporting the Revenue Cycle Shared Solutions staff in the Mid Atlantic, OH, GA, CO, Portland and HI regions. Additionally, the staff will support the regions with Revenue Cycle project work and the Revenue Cycle SOX/Compliance work for the California Program Office.

Kudos to Kelly Linson on being promoted to Vice President at Southwest General Health Center. Her role has expanded as well to include responsibility for their award winning fitness center “Lifeworks” as well as the Women’s’ Center of Excellence.

Kudos to Leigh Brock-Webster of the Cleveland Clinic, on completing her MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University.

Congratulations to Dan Tadiello of University Hospitals on the birth of his baby girl, Isabella Marie Hope Tadiello, born November 27th.

Congratulations to Dan Barr of UH Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital on the birth of his baby girl, Emerson Grace Barr, born December 22nd.

Congratulations to Chris Anthony of University Hospitals on the birth of his baby boy, Carter Maxwell Anthony, born January 13th.

HFMA’s Peer Reviewed Designation Helps You Purchase Smarter, Purchase Faster

by Brenda Cervini
Healthcare Finance Specialist
First American Healthcare Finance, a Peer Reviewed service

The HFMA Peer Review process is a rigorous product and service evaluation
program that significantly reduces risk and expands your purchasing options.
Here are five reasons you should start your next purchasing process with HFMA
Peer-Reviewed products and services:

1) Reviewers whose opinions matter
HFMA Peer Review process is based on evaluations conducted by your fellow
CFOs – healthcare professionals whose needs and concerns are similar to your
own. No one is more qualified to cut through inflated marketing claims. The
HFMA Peer Reviewed designation is your assurance that a product or service
has proven its quality, value and ROI in healthcare environments like yours.

2) The due diligence you’d conduct if you had the time
HFMA conducts a far more rigorous due diligence process than your time and
resources allow. A thorough, 11-step screening process evaluates products and
services against HFMA’s high standards for effectiveness, quality, price, value
and customer support. The process includes extensive surveys of current
customers, as well as organizations that considered but ultimately decided not to purchase the product or service. The Peer Review team leaves no stone
unturned during the evaluation process.

3) An impartial review process
No matter how thorough your own due diligence process, it’s difficult to get an
impartial review of products or services you’re considering. Vendor websites,
literature and references are obviously biased to emphasize the positives, and
discussions with your network of colleagues might not uncover product
limitations, drawbacks or service problems. The HFMA Peer Review process
challenges those claims. If a product or service doesn’t deliver, it won’t earn
HFMA Peer Reviewed designation.

4) A better list of candidates
In today’s rapidly changing marketplace, it’s challenging and time consuming to keep up with all the product and service options available. Moreover, you may be understandably reluctant to consider an unknown vendor, especially for a critical purchase. You may go back to the same vendors over and over simply because you’re unaware of better alternatives or don’t have time to check them out. Because HFMA’s Peer Reviewed products and services have been so thoroughly vetted, you can consider new sources with confidence and widen your purchasing horizons safely.

5) Assurance of continued service and support
HFMA Peer Reviewed status is not a once-and-you’re-done designation. HFMA
conducts an annual re-evaluation of Peer Reviewed products and services to
ensure that they continue to meet the rigorous standards that secured initial
approval. This is additional assurance of the vendor’s long-term commitment to
quality, effectiveness and customer support.

The bottom line
HFMA’s Peer Review designation helps ensure that a product or service will do
what it claims to do and will provide a solid ROI. It also documents that the
vendor has demonstrated expertise in the healthcare industry and a strong
reputation for integrity. For Gregg Beeg, CFO of Central Michigan Hospital in
Mount Pleasant, Michigan, and HFMA Fellow, the HFMA Peer Reviewed
credential carries tremendous weight in vendor comparisons. “It is exceptional
the quality of the organizations that are granted and approved through the Peer Review process,” he says. He calls the HFMA Peer Reviewed designation “a gold star benchmark that all of us in the healthcare industry can use.”
Reduce risk and save time by starting your next purchasing process using
HFMA’s list of Peer Reviewed products and services. You’ll find the complete list
on the HFMA website at:

Member Get a Member Program

Share the Value of HFMA

As a valued member, you can impact HFMA by sharing your experience with your staff, and others in your organization with an interest in healthcare finance.

How the program works:

Recruit One or Two Members (new* or former **) and receive your choice of:

  1. An HFMA apparel item (approximate retail value of $25)

  2. $25 Fuel Visa Prepaid Card.***

Recruit Three or Four Members (new* or former **) and receive:

  1. A $100 Visa prepaid card good anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted worldwide.

  2. An entry into a drawing (among those recruiting three or four members) to receive a $1,000 cash prize.

Recruit Five or More Members (new* or former **) and receive:

  1. A $150 Visa prepaid card.

  2. An entry into a drawing (among those recruiting five or more members) to receive a $2,500 cash prize

New! Member iPad Drawing

For every new or former member you recruit, you will receive one entry into a drawing for a brand new iPad! There are three chances to win! Drawings will be held in October, January and March.

**** You will be contacted if you win, and your name will be announced in the following month’s Membership Marketing Brief!

Member Make a Difference Grand Prize

For every new or former member you recruit, you will receive one entry into the drawing for the Member-Get-A-Member Make a Difference Grand Prize worth $5,000. You will receive $3,000 in cash for yourself and a $2,000 donation in your name to the charity of your choice.

The more members you sponsor, the greater your chance to win!

* New members. Sponsors will receive credit for new members who join (or have joined) between June 1, 2010 and April 30, 2011.

** Former members. Sponsors will receive credit for former members who reactivate their memberships between August 1, 2010 and April 30, 2011.

*** Fuel cards can be used at the gas station of your choice or anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted worldwide. Cards are issued by Citibank, M.A. pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. and managed by Ecount, a City company.

**** Sponsors will receive one entry per new and former members who join between June 1, 2010 through September 30, 2010 (October drawing), October 1, 2010 through December 31, 2010 (January drawing) and January 1, 2011 through February 28, 2011 (March drawing).

Upcoming Webinars

Gain CPE & Help NEO HFMA

Attend one or all of the free webinars below and not only gain CPE credits, but also help NEO HFMA reach its annual goal for educational hours.

HFMA's Webinars offer you an easy way to get the information you need on pressing healthcare finance topics. From the comfort of your office, you can participate in a Webinar and find the strategies and tools you need to help your organization achieve success.

Upcoming Webinars


Lives Saved, Costs Safely Reduced – Year Two Premier QUEST Collaborative Results (January 25, 2011)

Educating Your Physicians on the Importance of Clinical Documentation (January 26, 2011)


Transforming the Supply Chain into a Strategic Asset to Improve Business and Clinical Performance (February 16, 2011)


CMI and Payment Models…The effect on Outcome Measurement and Your Reimbursement Today and Tomorrow (March 2, 2011)

Productivity and Physician Engagement for Healthcare Leaders (March 23, 2011)

To sign-up visit:

Maria Todd Webinars sponsored by HFMA Region 6. All held 12:00 – 1:30 p.m.

  • February 9, 2011 – Capitation 2.0: Ready or Not, Here It Comes!
  • April 13, 2011 – Contract Negotiation Techniques

HFMA Certification

HFMA’s enhanced CHFP certification program is now live!

In a continuing effort to increase HFMA’s Certified Healthcare Financial Professional (CHFP) recognition in the industry, HFMA conducted an extensive field study. The results of these findings indicated that members were seeking financial management education that is comprehensive, cross-functional, and integrated. Also, that the certification program should provide easier access to both preparation materials and examinations. HFMA’s Board of Examiners employed these findings as the guiding principles in restructuring the program.

The certification requirements are as follows:

  • Successful completion of one comprehensive certification examination designed for mid-level healthcare finance professionals
  • Minimum of 3-5 years of healthcare finance management experience
  • Current and active HFMA membership

We are certain that these changes will provide candidates fewer barriers and a more seamless process in their path to certification.

To learn more about Certification, please visit or send an e-mail to HFMA’s certification team at HFMA’s Member Service Center is also a resource at (800) 252-4362, ext. 2 or

Educational Articles

The Biggest Mistakes Borrowers Make in Debt Financing

By: Mike Ashley

Finding financing is no passive activity. Many factors impact whether a project gets to the closing table, with some of the biggest having little to do with the markets or investors; they depend on the borrower’s decisions along the way. Altering a trajectory just slightly can send a financing strategy off course, resulting on potentially costly delays.

So what could go wrong? And how to make sure it doesn’t? Read More…

Reducing Emergency Department Volume—and Costs

One health network’s solution to reducing non-emergency cases in the emergency department requires a change in culture—for patients and physicians.

Note: The following article originally appeared in the October 2010 issue of HFMA’s Healthcare Cost Containment newsletter (

Like so many hospitals around the country, Presbyterian Hospital in Albuquerque, N.M., is facing a costly problem: Payers no longer want to pay emergency department (ED) prices for non-emergency care. Read More…

Sponsor's Corner

As of January 2011 we welcomed a new NEO HFMA Business sponsor (Bronze level) MediQuant, Incorporated.

MediQuant has been serving healthcare providers since 1999 by providing software that helps its clients decommission old systems (when moving from one HIS to another) and reduce denials and write-offs due to medical necessity issues.

MediQuant’s initial objective was to provide innovative, dependable revenue cycle technology to the healthcare market. Led by seasoned healthcare and IT management professionals, the company's purpose has widened in scope since its early days.

Today, MediQuant provides comprehensive data life cycle management and revenue cycle technology to clients in over 130 facilities in 26 states.

The MediQuant team, a core group composed of highly experienced IT professionals supported by knowledgeable administrative staff, boasts extensive experience in healthcare software development, revenue cycle management, EDI, clinical services, data management and other specialties.

Utilizing a customer-focused approach, the MediQuant team customizes its data life cycle management technology to meet the needs of each client and supports that technology with a level of service unparalleled in the industry.

MediQuant’s technology includes:

first Comply

First Comply, an enterprise-wide medical necessity management system, is used by large academic medical centers, community hospitals, IDN’s and physician groups. MediQuant consistently delivers superior results to its clients, including:

• 6 month ROI via reduced write-offs;
• Reduced need for ABN’s;
• Increased cash;
• Improved compliance.

With its ease of use at the “Front End” and available interfaces, First Comply streamlines the medical necessity process across the entire enterprise. MediQuant clients enjoy bend-over-backwards service, easy-to-use software, efficient installations and superior LCD/NCD rules quality.


Decommission Your Legacy HIS with DataArk
Running a legacy hospital information system (HIS) after a system conversion is a costly proposition. You need to maintain critical functionality and easy end-user access to detailed records, but you don’t need the expense and headache of supporting a legacy system. DataArk, a configurable, easy-to-use “Active Archive,” replaces your aging HIS. After migrating the data from the legacy application into DataArk, you can decommission your legacy system altogether. Through DataArk, you maintain complete access to and management of archived data and live accounts including:

• Patient accounting • HR/payroll • Clinical • Custom
• Physician and hospital • Document images and more

Contact Information:

Mary C. De Frasia
Director, Business Development
MediQuant, Inc.

4816 Brecksville Road, Suite 14
Richfield, Ohio 44286
Office: 330-659-3250 ext. 22
Cell: 440-554-4366


Using the numbers 123456789, can you make them total 100. You can use addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, as well as brackets. However, they must stay in the same order.

E-mail your answer to Debora Guillermo at All correct entries will be included in a drawing and one lucky entrant will receive a $25 gift certificate.

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Brenda Cervini of First American won a $25 gift card.



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