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2012 Issue 1

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Our Corporate Sponsors

We gratefully acknowledge the commitment of our Corporate Sponsors who assist in the funding of the Chapter's programs and activities

Ernst & Young LLP
FirstCredit Inc.(FCI)/RevCare
Howard, Wershbale & Co.
Human Arc
Joseph R Harrison Co., LPA
JP Recovery Services, Inc

Alta Partners, LLC
Deloitte & Touche LLP
Fenner Consulting
Plante & Moran, PLLC
PNC Healthcare
Siemens Healthcare


CBE Group

Healthcare Management Systems Inc.
The ROI Companies

Blue & Co., LLC
Bruner-Cox, LLP
Crowe Horwath LLP
Calfee, Halter & Griswold LLP
Emrhein & Associates
HMC Group
KeyBanc Capital Markets, Inc
Meridian Leasing Corporation
Quadax, Inc.
Resource Global Professionals
the MASH program
UCB, Inc.
Wise Management Services, Inc

HFMA Northeast Ohio
Chapter Officers

Diane Lilko, CPA

Lisa Hilling

Vice President
Justin R. Williams

Chapter Secretary/Treasurer
Geoffrey A. Himes, FHFMA, MBA

Susan R. Flaherty, CPA

Chapter Coordinator
Kathleen A. Much

Board of Directors
John Beirne
Chuck Josey
Stanley Kasmarcak, CPA
Kelly R. Linson
Adam Schweikert
Suzanne M. Tschetter, CPA

Visit HFMA National at:

Visit HFMA Northeast Ohio at:

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President’s Message

Diane LilkoDear Fellow HFMA Members,

This past June was my first trip to Las Vegas and I came home a winner! As incoming President, I represented our Northeast Ohio Chapter at the 59th Annual Chapter Presidents’ Awards Dinner and Meeting at HFMA Annual National Institute. Our chapter won four awards this past year: The Bronze Award of Excellence for Chapter Performance in Certification (4 members passed the Certified Healthcare Professional exam) and three Yergers. Yergers are named for Helen M. Yerger and are Special Recognition Awards for outstanding performance achieved by excellent results in programs, services and administration.

The Education Yerger was for our Provider Host education program. Providers supply the venue and facilitate the planning of the education sessions. Past participants include Aultman Hospital (twice), Cleveland Clinic (twice) once at Independence Technology Center and this past June at Lutheran Hospital, Lake Health and University Hospitals Ahuja Medical Center. This type of program enables us to reach a greater number of our members and expose non-members to the benefits of HFMA.

The Improvement Yerger was in our Corporate Sponsorship Program. We increased the number of Sponsors to 33 with 73% committed by the end of September 2011. The prompt response from our Sponsors enabled us to offer additional benefits to our members throughout the year, including more networking events, establishing a certification scholarship fund, offering a free registration to the March program, a paid HFMA membership to a non-member and sponsoring a keynote speaker at GHALI.

The Collaboration Yerger was a multi-chapter award with all seven Chapters in our Region by providing lunch time webinars to our members, free of charge. These were quality webinars designed to address current happenings in healthcare reform, improve membership proficiency and provide additional access to needed chapter hours.

The ideas for a Yerger often come from comments that you provide in the Member Satisfaction Survey. You do not need to wait for the survey to let us know what you would like us to work on this year. You can contact me, or any other officer or Board Director and share your ideas for a program, service or project.

To qualify for awards, we must first meet our Chapter Balanced Score Card (CBSC). Each year The Regional Executive Council identifies key chapter performance metrics and assigns goals and weights, which becomes our CBSC. Here is the 2012-2013 CBSC for our chapter:

  • Education: 7,507.6 hours – 30 Points
  • Membership: 578 members – 20 Points
  • Membership Overall Satisfaction: 60% very or extremely satisfied – 15 Points
  • Certification: 10 exams taken – 15 Points
  • Days Cash on Hand – between 150-600 days – 10 Points
  • On-Time Reporting – meet all required due dates – 5 Points
  • Chapter Board Composition – 40% provider – 5 Points
  • The minimal performance level all chapters must meet is 60%.

Ralph E. Lawson, FHFMA, CPA, HFMA 2012-2013 National Chairman chose “Leadership Matters” as his theme. He feels this theme expresses the idea that we are all accountable for the fulfillment of our organizations’ mission. Leadership is not limited to a job title; it is a call to action. I would like to ask you, the members of Northeast Ohio HFMA Chapter, to embrace this theme and share in the responsibility of meeting our CBSC goals and continue to win Awards of Excellence for your efforts.

We are always looking for Volunteers and you will hear from various chairs, officers, and Board Members in this newsletter and throughout the year on how to get involved. Our contact information is available on the chapter website.
I look forward to working with you and hope to see you at an upcoming meeting.


Diane Lilko
Northeast Ohio Chapter of HFMA

Ken StollHFMA: How Does Leadership
Matter for You?

By Ken Stoll, Regional Executive
Region 6 of HFMA

Does it really feel like you are in the healthcare business? Oh, I realize the paycheck reads “ABC Hospital” or “XYZ Healthcare Consulting.” But are we so far removed from the patient that we might as well be working for Van Delay Industries in the importing and exporting business. How can we make a difference from the cubical in our off-site location to the patients that we serve? How can Leadership Matter to me?

HFMA’s new National Chairman Ralph E. Lawson, FHFMA, CPA points out in this year’s theme “Leadership Matters” that finance professionals should lead the way to a better future in health care, that we are all accountable for the fulfillment of our organizations’ missions and each person’s acts of leadership can make a difference. At this year’s ANI in Las Vegas, NV presenter Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, who made critical thinking decisions in 208 seconds to land an airliner in the Hudson River, pointed out that leadership in healthcare can come from any one of us. He asked attendees “to do more: your patients deserve it, your colleagues expect it, and your profession demands it.” But again, where do I fit in?

HFMA Region 6I am proud to serve as the Regional Executive of Region 6 of HFMA, and you should be proud of both your local chapter and the entire Region in Michigan and Ohio. The chapters of the region totaled forty-three chapter awards at the President’s Dinner at ANI this year. Forty-three! What an amazing effort they have put together. Just ten years ago the entire region produced twelve awards and as recent as five years ago they totaled thirty-one. So, to accumulate forty-three this year just demonstrates the dedication your local chapter leaders have to you the member. Talking to this year’s Chapter Presidents, they too are encouraged to find even more opportunities to serve their memberships especially as we dive into the uncharted areas of reform. They are each dedicated and passionate about making HFMA a great organization and respected leader on top of trends and issues facing healthcare finance.

What about you?
My pastor always reminds me that when you throw a stone into a pond, the ripples from the impact spread far and wide, and bounce back and forth in waves you cannot control or fathom. You could “throw a stone” just by getting involved with your local HFMA chapter, and that will go a lot further than you realize. Jumping into a committee or offering your opinion to your local chapter you can bring new ideas to your healthcare community in capital financing, partnerships with payers, employees, and payments, shifting toward value-based payments and more. Your colleagues or direct reports will see your positive impact and want to imitate your good example. This leadership matters.

You don’t have to run for president or chairman today, but here are a couple of ways you can provide your leadership to your hospital and your community. Anyone can do it! I challenge you to commit to just two or three items and matter to those around you:

  • Attend a LOCAL chapter event or program
  • Send your staff to a meeting or bring them with you.
  • Call your peer at a competing or geographically close hospital and just ask how they are doing.
  • Complete the Membership Survey when it comes out
  • Email your Education chair and tell them of a good speaker you have heard or a topic you want to hear more about.
  • Call your chapter President and ask what one thing you can do?
  • Write an article for the newsletter
  • Accept that offer to speak in the next CFO Forum
  • Offer to take pictures at next event.

Leadership MattersAs you can see, leadership doesn’t have to be a big speech or a kick in the pants. Leadership is merely doing your little part to meet Sully’s challenge because your patients DO deserve it, your colleagues DO expect it, and your profession DOES demand it. Also, take a lunch and go visit the hospital in the ED or registration areas. Sit in the waiting rooms and recognize you ARE in healthcare. Maybe refocusing your daily conference calls, meetings-about-meetings and spread sheets to the actual faces you see come in for care will gently remind you that you matter to them. After all, they are why you are here.

Ken Stoll, Jr. is the current Regional Executive for Region 6 of HFMA and Central Ohio Chapter Past President. Joining HFMA in 1996, Ken is also Vice President of Business Development with United Collection Bureau, Inc. UCB Specializes in call center outsourcing and revenue cycle management solutions. You may reach him at (614) 732-5002 or email him at for any questions regarding HFMA locally, regionally or nationally.

New Members - Welcome to NEOHFMA!

Please welcome our newest members to the Northeast Ohio Chapter of HFMA. Look for them at our next meeting and welcome them to our organization.

Tuli Banerjee
Cleveland Clinic
Jason Oblander
The Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Rebecca Maravick
Andy Lewis
Bruner Cox, LLP
Michael McDonnell
Athena Health
Lori J. Lomax
The Surgical Hospital at Southwoods
Michael Kelley
The MetroHealth System
Amanda Gibson
The MetroHealth System
Jeffrey Weier
Matt Patton
Lake Hospital System
Nicole Marreale
Lake Health System
Michael V. Lugli
KeyBank N.A.
Pat C. Matthews
University of Mount Union
Scott Grabowski
The CSC Group
Blair A. Campomizzi
Steven Parsons
Findley Davies, Inc.
Andrew N. Pyros
Fifth Third Bank
Yvonne A. McNulty
Plante Moran
Gary M. Fingerhut
Cleveland Clinic Innovations
Bob Zimmerman
Hyland Software, Inc.
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Welcome Back!

HFMA Members that have reinstated their Membership

Anthony Gold
Cleveland Clinic
Aaron B. Loyd
MetroHelath Medical Center
Sameer B. Alramahi
University Hospital
Rae Ann Durban
Premier Medical Resources
Eric Snyder
RBC, Inc.
Thomas P. Coffey
Salem Community Hospital
Joseph E. Varga
MetroHealth Medical Center
Chrisopher Cusimano, JD
Government Data Services, LLC
Brian S. Harbert
Aultman Health Foundation
Adam M. Luntz
Aultman Health Foundation
Michael Sesar
University Hospitals
John Ostrowski
University Hospitals
Doug Suna
The MetroHealth System
Judith Jirka
MetroHealth Medical Center
Joe Keckan
Deloitte Consulting
Randolph P. O'Donnell, CPA
Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Michael J. Baird
Human Arc
Lissa A. Keck
Human Arc

Membership Marketing Committee

By: Diane Murray

To all HFMA members: Welcome to the new Chapter year 2012-2013!

I am excited to begin the year working closely with Co-Chair Brian Gillette and the entire NEO HFMA Leadership Team towards achieving our membership goals for the coming year!

If you would like to join the Membership Marketing Committee please contact me or Brian and join us at the Membership “kick-off” meeting at Shula’s in Independence on Friday August 17, 2012 at 3PM for food, drinks and fun as we plan for the year.

As the largest chapter in Ohio, our current membership totals 453 members. Our goal for this year is 578. We have a way to go to reach our goal, and now is the time to renew your membership if you haven’t yet, and reach out to your friends and colleagues and encourage them to join!

By joining HFMA National, you have immediate access to over 30,000 “friends” in your industry that you can reach out to by expanding your professional contacts! With membership in the NEO HFMA chapter, you can meet regularly with your peers and be connected to local partners that share your vision for success!

HFMA membership offers many benefits such as:

  • You stay informed and up-to-date with the facts, analysis and insights you need to make sound business decisions through hfm magazine, the weekly e-mail news alert HFMA Express New and chapter newsletters.
  • HFMA provides the profession's best educational opportunities and resources (at significant discounts) to help you stay on top of best practices, new technologies, real-life skills and practical strategies for going forward with greater confidence.
  • Connect with colleagues and industry experts who can answer questions or share their insights through HFMA's repository of relevant technical information, specialized membership Forums and chapter meetings.
  • Maintain the advantage of career opportunity and professional development resources, HFMA chapter connections nationwide and much more.

You may complete your Membership application/renewal online at and it only takes a few minutes!

We have already begun planning for the year and I would like to encourage and invite you all to get involved and participate to help make our Chapter as strong as it can be!

As a member recently stated….
“Through HFMA, I’ve worked with some of the brightest, most talented people I’ve ever met”. If you are actively involved, you already know the more you give, the more you receive back”.

There are many volunteer opportunities available as your time and schedule allows. You can work with various committees on planning, assisting at meetings/conferences, and assist with educational events and other programs that meet your desired level of commitment. Please contact me directly or any of the Board Members or Committee chairs to provide information on individual committees and how you can become involved.

New this year, we will have Committee Volunteer Sign-Up cards at all chapter meetings, so look for them at the Registration table when you attend a meeting.

The National HFMA theme this year is “Leadership Matters”. As I think about that theme and what it means, I am reminded that leadership is defined as “the art of motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal”.

Please consider how you can engage those around you and participate to help us achieve our goals this year!

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at the next meeting!

Membership Marketing Committee

Diane Murray
216-839-4388 Office
216-570-1360 Cell

Brian Gillette
216-957-2674 Office
216-640-0882 Cell

Gold MedalGo for the Gold – Certification

By Kelly Linson, MBA, CPA, CHFP

For an Olympic athlete, winning a gold medal represents an amazing accomplishment. The athlete’s gold medal serves as a reflection of their exemplary talents and skills; their steadfast dedication and commitment to training; and their relentless pursuit of excellence! The gold medal also serves to mark the athlete as the “best of the best” in their sport.

What opportunities do YOU have to distinguish yourself in your field like a gold medal winning Olympic athlete? One way is to earn the HFMA’s Certified Healthcare Financial Professional (CHFP) designation.

What can certification mean for you? HFMA’s certification program enables you to demonstrate a mastery of a variety of topics within the healthcare finance industry. Meeting the HFMA certification requirements helps to prepare you for increasingly responsible positions in the healthcare industry and demonstrates your dedication to professional development and a higher standing.

Only about 6% of local NEOHFMA chapter members and less than 8% of national members have achieved the certification. This presents a tremendous opportunity for you to differentiate yourself, add credibility to your resume, secure a job, or increase your earning power. Certification can provide you with a competitive edge in one of the most challenging and dynamic times for all healthcare professionals.

If you have staff that report to you, certification is a great development opportunity that you can use in goal setting. Through the exam preparation process, and then through continuing education required to maintain the certification, your certified staff members will be able to demonstrate and enhance their level of specialized knowledge and technical expertise.

To learn more about earning the CHFP designation you can visit or contact Brian Nestor (; 216-844-7797) or Kelly Linson (; 440-816-8071).

It may be helpful for you to know that our Chapter has a Certification Scholarship Program. Through the program a maximum of 5 awards of $ 200.00 each are available for successful completion of the CHFP exam when employer reimbursement is not available. You can find more information in the NEO Chapter Certification Scholarship Program policy:

Challenge yourself, commit to professional excellence, and “Go for the Gold” with certification!

Program Recaps

Northeast Ohio HFMA Education Roadshow

An extension of the provider hosting education series, this event was held at Lutheran Hospital in Cleveland, OH on June 28, 2012. Grand accommodations by Lutheran Hospital afforded HFMA Members and guest alike the opportunity to listen and engage with three tremendous speakers on the afternoon. Timing of the event could not have been any better with the Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act just hours prior.

Chris Schlanger of the Advisory Board gave a presentation on Responding to the Reimbursement and Demand Changes Reshaping Health System Economics. The presentation focused on the four forces shaping future margins and running on Medicare margins.

Michael McMillan, Market and Network Services, Cleveland Clinic provided a presentation on Accountable Care Organizations and Managed Care with emphasis on the transformation to value-driven care and the Cleveland Clinic’s approach to developing the accountable care model.

Maureen Wood, Executive Director, Ernst & Young LLP presented on FASB developments impacting healthcare entities and accounting considerations related to current healthcare developments.

A special thank you to Lutheran Hospital for hosting a great event!

Click here for Event Photos

2012 Gerry Haggerty Annual Leadership Institute (GHALI)

The 2012 GHALI was held at the Bertram Inn Hotel & Conference Center in Aurora, OH. The Bertram Inn is one of northeast Ohio’s most elegant hotel and banquet venues, combining international ambiance with outstanding cuisine and superior service.

The theme for this year’s event was “Discovering Opportunities Amidst Transformation”. The full 3-day conference offered 19 hours of Ohio CPE credit and boasted the following keynote speakers:

  • Evidence Based Leadership
    Pam Beitlich, RN, MSN, ARNP
    Speaker and Facilitator, Studer Group
  • Hot Topics in Healthcare
    Charles Cataline
    Senior Director of Health Policy, Ohio Hospital Association
  • Leadership Matters
    Steven P. Rose, FHFMA, CPA
    CFO, Conway Regional Health System
    National Secretary/Treasurer, HFMA
  • ICD-10 Preparations
    Christopher Matlock
    Associate Director, Revenue Cycle Solutions, The Advisory Board

Networking Events:
Wednesday night was highlighted by a wine tasting social at the nearby ThornCreek Winery & Gardens. The evening was capped off with a Texas Hold’em poker tournament, hors d’oeuvres and assorted games like minute to win it and flip cup.

Thursday evening kicked off with several fabulous prize raffles from our vendor fair sponsors and was followed by our annual Casino Night and prize raffle. The GHALI entertainment committee gathered over 12 great prize baskets for this year’s raffle.

Friday afternoon networking activities afforded attendees the option of Golf at Signature of Solon, Spa services at Mario’s International Spa or a Cooking Class at the Leopard Restaurant.

  • Congratulations to our winning golf foursome who shot a 63 on the day!
    • Marc Beasley
    • Jim Large
    • Joe Gabriel
    • Matt Stark
  • Congratulations to our proximity winners
    • Women’s Longest Drive – Diane Lilko
    • Men’s Closest to the Pin – Bill Bogdan
    • Men’s Longest Drive – Justin Williams
    • Women’s Closest to the Pin – None Qualified

Special thanks to everyone that contributed to this year’s conference. Your many contributions are greatly appreciated. Please be sure to look at the pictures and download the presentations using the links below.

2012 Booth Sponsors:
Alta Partners LLC
American Appraisal
American Express
Avadyne Health
Cleverly + Associates
Fidelity National Collections
FirstCredit Inc. (FCI)/RevCare
Healthcare Management Systems
Howard, Wershbale & Co.
Human Arc
Joseph R. Harrison Co, LPA
JP Recovery Services Inc.
Meridian Leasing Corp.
Net Revenue Associates LLC
PNC Healthcare
The ROI Companies
Siemens Healthcare
Golf Hole Sponsors:
Bruner-Cox LLP
Deloitte & Touche
Ernst & Young LLP
FirstCredit Inc. (FCI)/RevCare
Howard, Wershbale & Co.
Human Arc
Joseph R. Harrison Co., LPA
JP Recovery Services Inc.
Siemens Healthcare
The HMC Group
The ROI Companies
Wise Management Services
Wednesday Breakfast:
Joseph R. Harrison Co., LPA
Wednesday Keynote Speaker:
Siemens Healthcare
Wednesday Lunch:
Bruner-Cox LLP
Wine Tasting Social:
JP Recovery Service, Inc.
Texas Hold'em Tournament:
CDR Associates
Thursday Breakfast:
Bruner-Cox LLP
Thursday Keynote Speaker:
Alta Partners LLC
Thursday Cocktail Reception:
The HMC Group
Casino Night:
Howard, Wershbale & Co.
Friday Breakfast:
Siemens Healthcare

Download the 2012 GHALI Presentations

Click here for Event Photos

Save the Date – Upcoming NEOHFMA Programs

Keep an eye out for more information on these upcoming programs on our website:

Volunteer Appreciation Program
Program Date: Thursday, August 30, 20122
Program Location: Stonewater Golf Gulf Club

Provider Hosting Roadshow travels to Lake Health!
Program Date: Thursday, September 27, 2012
Program Location: Lake Health

Program downloads for select events available at

Upcoming Live Webinars

Take a look at the upcoming webinars offered by HFMA and consider sitting in on one as an easy way to get the information you need on pressing healthcare finance topics. From the comfort of your office, you can participate in a Webinar and find the strategies and tools you need to help your organization achieve success. Click on the hyperlink below to sign up or get more information about the topic

The following webinars are free to HFMA members.

Patient Statements: Telling a Story to Collect More in Less Time
(August 8, 2012)

Employee Engagement in the Midst of Rightsizing
(August 14, 2012)

Eliminate Payroll Checks with Debit PayCards
(August 15, 2012)

Creating and Integrating a Finance Structure in Nursing
(August 16, 2012)

2013 Proposed Rule Changes to OPPS and ASCs
(August 21, 2012)

How to Control Costly Physician Preference Items
(August 23, 2012)

Note: This is the third in a series of six webinars sponsored by McKesson in conjunction with the Association for Healthcare Resource & Materials Management (AHRMM).

Medicare’s Final Inpatient Prospective Payment System Rule
for FY 2013

(August 28, 2012)

Managing Physician Revenue in a Hospital Environment
(August 29, 2012)

Leveraging Enterprise Intelligence to Manage Readmissions
(September 20, 2012)

On-Demand Webinars

HFMA also offers on-demand webinars, which do not provide CPEs but do qualify for DCMS hours.

See national website for registration (

Educational Articles

Perhaps the most fitting of educational articles we can post in this Visions Newsletter is directly from the ANI this past June. Take a look at what was said by our leadership and keynotes, or if you prefer, hit the URL’s to see their talks on video.

HFMA's ANI Recap: Focus on Value in an Era of Reform
“Now is the time to start realizing your potential for success in a value-based future,” HFMA President and CEO Joe Fifer told healthcare finance professionals who gathered at ANI: The HFMA National Institute this past June in Las Vegas.

Throughout ANI, as the Supreme Court prepared to deliver its health reform ruling, healthcare finance professionals learned strategies for leading their organizations through the changes that are facing the healthcare industry, including the move toward value-based business models. They also gained critical insight from industry thought leaders and peers.

Highlights from This Year's ANI
There is a critical need for healthcare finance professionals to act upon their values for the good of patients and their communities, said Monday keynote speaker Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, the “Miracle on the Hudson” pilot. “Your patients deserve it, your colleagues expect it, and your profession demands it,” he told ANI attendees. Read more and see the video.

Tuesday keynote speaker David Walker, former U.S. Comptroller General, told attendees that legislators have “promised too much” in the Affordable Care Act and as a result “it is not affordable and it is not sustainable.” Walker continued, “We need to go back and take another look at reform." Read more and see the video.

Sponsor's Corner

FirstCreditFirstCredit, Inc.
RevCare-PayMed Solutions

We are the industry leader in providing innovative revenue cycle solutions to health systems across the Midwest and Southeast United States through an array of eligibility and receivables management services.

By improving the revenue cycle, we dramatically enhance the financial performance of our clients. Among our services:

  • Early Out Services (EOS)
  • Payment Monitor Services
  • Medicaid & HCAP Eligibility & Enrollment Services
  • Electronic Payment Processing
  • POS/ER Collection Services
  • Central Scheduling/Reminder Services
  • Call Center Solutions
  • Bad Debt Recovery Services.

For more information on our innovative services, please go to or contact Timothy Sheeler at
1-800-837-3328 x101 or by e-mail at


Client Type List“Deloitte” is the brand under which tens of thousands of dedicated professionals throughout the world collaborate to provide audit, consulting, financial advisory, risk management and tax services to selected clients. In the United States, Deloitte LLP and its subsidiaries have 45,000 professionals with deep experience that match the diverse and growing needs of both emerging and developed industries in the region. Our Northeast Ohio practice has more than 500 professionals serving many key industries. We are a national and global leader because we have consistently earned our clients’ trust and met their expectations through strong values and ethical standards.

Our Health Care practitioners have collectively developed a broad and deep industry experience, with reputations built on impeccable records of integrity, objectivity, and quality. We relentlessly seek to raise the bar on client service and have developed an ongoing teaming process to measure ideas, solutions and insight offered to our clients.

We serve clients in all parts of the health sciences industry, including Health Care Providers, Health Plans, Life Sciences, Federal Health Reform, State Health Reform, and Employer Health Reform. Our clients include:

  1. More than 80% of Fortune 1000 Life Sciences & Health Care Companies
  2. More than 80% of the largest Managed Care Organizations (as ranked by AIS's Directory of Health Plans)
  3. More than 70% of the nation's Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans
  4. Nearly 90% of the Major Teaching Hospitals (as ranked by Thomson Reuters Top 100 list)

Our people drive our success in serving Health Care organizations. They are deeply committed to this industry — having spent time as physicians, nurses, clinicians, research specialists, forensic investigators, lawyers, accountants, financial analysts, statisticians, billers, coders, and senior industry executives — and enjoy their reputation as excellent client service practitioners.

If your health care organization needs assistance or
more information, please contact us.

Dave Stahler at 216-589-1406 or
Julie DiFrancesco at 216-589-1383 or
Jim Brown at 216-589-5689 or

As used in this document, “Deloitte” means Deloitte LLP and its subsidiaries. Please see for a detailed description of the legal structure of Deloitte LLP and its subsidiaries. Certain services may not be available to attest clients under the rules and regulations of public accounting.

Copyright © 2012 Deloitte Development LLC. All rights reserved. Member of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited


The quest for new technologies, process improvements, and superior customer service has been a driving force since the founding of Quadax Inc. in 1973. Although the healthcare billing industry has undergone staggering changes over the last thirty years, Quadax has continued to thrive because we understand what changes to build on and what things should never change. Our commitment to delivering innovation, service, and value is steadfast, and that enduring commitment ensures our success as well as that of our clients.

  • Privately-held Corporation, founded in 1973
  • 600+ employees company-wide
  • 400+ employees at our Corporate Headquarters
  • Solutions exclusively for the healthcare market
  • Serving clients nationwide
  • More than 40 million electronic transactions processed each year

Quadax serves the healthcare industry with lines of business to improve financial performance and operational efficiency.

In June, EDI Services, the clearinghouse division of Quadax, achieved full accreditation with the Healthcare Network Accreditation Program (HNAP) from the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC). EHNAC’s HNAP accreditation recognizes excellence in health data processing and transactions, and ensures compliance with industry-established standards and HIPAA regulations. Quadax was accredited by EHNAC in 2006 and has earned full accreditation at each of the three two-year intervals since then.

7500 Old Oak Blvd., Cleveland Ohio 44130

HFMA Sponsors -
Do not forget to get your company’s spotlight & new products & services mentioned in the Newsletter. Please contact Laurie Rauser for publication in future newsletter.


Congratulations to Chris Maeder of University Hospitals on recently earning his FHFMA designation.

Congratulations to Goeffrey Himes, HFHMA, MBA in recently joining the staff at MetroHealth Medical Center as Controller / Chief Accounting Officer.

Justin Williams and Chris AnthonyKudos to the UH Rainbow Babies
& Children’s Hospital
team for participating in the St. Baldrick’s Foundation fundraiser earlier this spring. The team raised over $27,000 which goes towards fighting pediatric, teenage, and young adult cancers. Some team members shaved their heads in honor
of these children (Justin Williams and
Chris Anthony shown left).

NEOHFMA Member Survey

We have been discussing the effectiveness of communicating to you our upcoming programs either via the post cards that have used historically, or switching over to Email Blasts. After some discussion, we decided that it would be best to ask you, our members, directly to see if a change might be preferred.

So simply we’d like to ask, which would you prefer? – mailed fliers for HFMA Events or Email Blasts?

Please send your response to our program chair:

To thank you for your participation, all submissions will be entered into a drawing for a $25 gift card.


Many famous people’s first names end with the same letter that begins their last names, like Ted Danson, George Eliot, and the famous folks clued below. Can you name them all?

  1. Longest-serving First Lady _ _ _ _ _ _ R R _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  2. Jaws actor _ _ _ _ _ _ D D _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  3. Slave-born abolitionist _ _ _ _ _ _ T T _ _ _ _ _
  4. Follies impresario _ _ _ _ _ _ Z Z _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  5. “Redneck” comedian _ _ _ F F _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

E-mail your answer to Rhonda Ridenour at All correct entries will be included in a drawing and one lucky entrant will receive a $25 gift certificate.

Previous puzzle
A man is trapped in a room. The room has only two possible exits: two doors. Through the first door there is a room constructed from magnifying glass. The blazing hot sun instantly fries anything or anyone that enters. Through the second door there is a fire-breathing dragon. How does the man escape?


He waits until night time and then goes through the first door.

Jim Thomas of Lake Health has won a $25 gift certificate.



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